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The Journey Starts Now

Keynote Speaking
Keynote Speaking

Coach Vallée has given hundreds of keynote speeches on topics including empowering women leaders, instilling self-confidence, improving performance, building successful teams, transforming businesses and organizations, and becoming a transformational leader. Coach Vallée is unique because she not only talks about it, she has actually done it. Her material is based on her own research and application in the field of business and sport. It is a perfect touch to inspire and initiate change in any discipline.

Coach Vallée captivates audiences with her anecdotal real accounts of the process and stories behind her vision and secrets for success. Compelling and inspiring, her speaking has inspired many to initiate the personal change they desire. 

 "From Underdog to Top Dog" Tedx Windsor 
Organizational Consulting
Organizational Consulting

Whether its her own team, or creating partnerships with new organizations, Coach Vallée has been working her entire life to inspire and initiate change. Take advantage of her life experience and track record of success to inspire your group today. Assessing leadership needs, establishing a vision and blueprint for success, and executing on the plan, Coach Vallée will be there all along the way to ensure your team's goals are met.

Interested in having Coach Vallée help you implement a Championship Culture?

Client Feedback

Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment (MLSE)

"MLSE puts on an annual presentation to over 700 full-time employees every year in the Air Canada bowl. Each year we invite a poignant keynote speaker. Chantal gave the most on point, inspiring talk of any of our many speakers."

- Richard Peddie, CEO of MLSE, 2005-2015

PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC)

"Chantal's presentation resonated with each member of our team. As a result, we have been initiating a new view on transforming our team culture."

-Chirag Shah, PWC, Managing Partner-Southwestern Ontario, 

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