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Passion for People. Passion for Learning

“Transforming the culture of an organization is the hardest thing I've ever had to do because 

I realized that first and foremost, I had to change myself as a leader.”   -  Coach Chantal Vallée

SportsNet Video Profile for 2015 National Championships
 "A Day in the Life" Ontario University Athletics (OUA) 
 "Athena Woman of the Year" Business Excellence Awards 

Coach Chantal Vallée research findings on the topic of Transformational Leadership and coaching success have been the basis for many findings on leadership culture and organizational transformation. 


Chantal got her chance to apply her research when she was named the head coach of the University of Windsor Women’s Basketball team. The program was one of the worst in Canadian history. Her vision was to turn this program into a Champion within 5 years.


Initially she failed. Before she could have the winning team she wanted, she would need to realize some truths about herself.  

"I thought that I was ready! However, while I had the theoretical knowledge, I didn't know how to apply it. Exceptional leaders don’t just transform others or organizations because of what they know; they must first accept to transform themselves. I had failed to accept that. It was a difficult realization; one that still has me bettering myself to this day."

Chantal continues to coach and set new Canadian and school records. Since the transformation, her winning percentage has remained over 85%. She is passionate about leadership success; self-improvement; and about maintaining excellence.

Through all her success lies a deep rooted commitment to learning and bettering herself. Chantal has set her sights on helping others make positive change happen in their lives by teaching the theory and the application of what she learned in over 15 years of experience. Chantal helps people she works with to become successful and achieve their goals.

With a new focus on her own transformation, she took a last place team in the standings and went  on to win a Canadian record 5-straight National Championships - something most people thought was simply impossible.

Coach Chantal Vallée has received many notable awards including the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal of Honour,  the CAAWS most influential women in Canada in the Coach Category, and the Athena Woman of the Year Awed for her mentoring and leadership with women on the court and in her community.

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