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From Research to Reality

Published Research

Coach Vallée began her researching career studying leadership at McGill University in Montreal. She focused on identifying the characteristics of successful leaders. Her research led her to four distinct categories that leaders demonstrate when transforming organizations or teams. These transcend all disciplines and areas of life including business, sport, education, and personal well-being. Coach Vallée's findings later set the blueprint for the transformation of the University of Windsor women's basketball team where she won 5 straight National Championships.

1. Set a clear vision

2. Be organized 

3. Emphasize individual growth 

4. Develop your leadership style

Venn Diagram

goal and direction /

leader's philosophy



Four Steps to Transformation:

1. Enact The Vision

Short term pain for

long term gain

The vision must


Make the tough


2. Empower Others

Personal relationship 

Team is intellectually stimulated

Leader seeks input

3. Teach Life-Skills

People-centered not 


Obstacles teach life skills

Include mental health

4. Lifelong Learning

Emotional Intelligence


 Leader seeks personal growth

Mentorship and quest for learning

Keys to Developing a Championship Culture

Coach Vallée later published data on the application of her theory, specifically emphasizing culture building within an organization and team context. 


The principles she researched and found can be applied not only to any field of expertise but to anyone's own personal growth development. A more well-rounded and well-equipped human-being will become a better performer. Coach Vallée works with exciting groups of people to become better leaders, bosses, colleagues, employees, and humans! 

Coach Vallée published several papers outlining the 'what' and the 'how' of her transformational model and quickly became one of the most successful coaches in Canadian basketball history.

Want to learn more?

Follow the links below to download Coach Vallée's published articles.

Coach Vallée's craft is basketball. She is an expert coach and her style has been well documented with proven results. The videos below were produced as an educational tool for other coaches.  They emphasize either technical and tactical knowledge or relationship development, effective communication and coordination of your team using common themes found amongst the best leaders in sports.

Offensive-System dvd.jpg
Transition-Offense dvd.jpg
 Click on images for more information or to purchase any of these videos.
Coaching Basketball
Coaching Basketball
Basketball Colour Commentary

Coaching is Coach Vallée's passion, and sharing that passion with others is a joy. Coach Vallée has been doing colour commentating on basketball with all major Canadian broadcasting channels (CBC, CTV, Sportsnet and TSN) including the 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympics.

Basketball/Coaching Podcast
Pure Sweat Basketball Show5-time National Champion Coach Chantal Vallée

Coach Vallée's success is internationally renowned. Hear about her team's transformation through her engaging and indepth podcast with Alan Stein Jr., presented by Pure Sweat Basketball.

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